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UPDATE 6/15/07: This is waaaay late... but you can now find all my site stuff on Clear Black Lines!


My domain expired. I was one day late because it used an email that I rarely check anymore.

*stream of cusswords*

Actually, I'm not sure whether to get another domain or not. I just renewed my webhosting for another year, and I don't want it to go to waste. On the other hand, I probably shouldn't try to keep up a site that I'm so obviously uninvolved with. I had been thinking about taking it down, but amazingly enough, I was still getting visitors to the Pocahontas site and didn't want to let them down.

So... I guess now's as good a time as any. I probably won't try to put the site back up, but if anyone is interested, I still have all the files (plus more I was going to update with) and I'm willing to turn over "Just Around the Riverbend" to a new maintainer. ([ profile] clearblacklines? Do you know anyone?)

(I'm sticking this post at the top of my journal for now so it'll maybe show up on Google to let people know what's going on. Oh, maybe I should put more keywords in here... how about Ainaweth, If I Never Knew You, Pocahontas script... blah de blah...)

Never mind. I'm just going to get a new domain.

Date: 2007-06-15 03:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hey! i actually found your LJ looking up "ainaweth"...i'd seen your site loooong time ago, and now it's gone :( did you ever make a new site?

Date: 2007-06-15 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey! Glad to see you found this entry. ;) But no, I don't actually have a new site after all. Instead, I sent all my files to Annie of Clear Black Lines ( I think her site has just about everything that was on mine, plus tons more. :D


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