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No review from me on the new Star Trek... just know that I LOVE IT.

Though, I do feel like writing about one part that took everyone by surprise (except me... unfortunately I sneaked a look at the IMDb boards before I saw the movie).

So, I adore Spock/Uhura, though I probably would have loved whoever they paired Spock with. The main thing is that Spock--NOT Kirk--gets the girl.

People seem to think it came out of nowhere, with no basis in the original series. But others are saying that the writers of TOS did want at least some hints of Spock/Uhura. There's this scene where she's singing to Spock. The big one, though, was supposed to be in that infamous "forced kiss" scene in Plato's Stepchildren.

Everyone knows that TV's "first interracial kiss" (even though technically it wasn't the first) was Kirk and Uhura. Well, guess what? It was originally written to be Spock and Uhura. Apparently the writers had always intended for something like that to happen between them. But William Shatner basically said, "If anyone's going to get a scene like that, it's gonna be ME." He fought for it, and they gave in. (I don't think I need to say how I feel about him for snatching away this "historic" scene from Spock. As if Kirk didn't have FAR MORE than his fair share of love scenes!)

Now, in the new movie, they have Kirk chasing Uhura, and Uhura in a relationship with Spock.

And, oh man, that scene on the transporter? Spock and Uhura "saying their farewell" in front of Kirk?

To me, that scene is a big "F U" not just to Kirk in the movie, but to William Shatner as well. Ha! I couldn't have asked for better payback.

Even though it still can't replace having a scene with the original Uhura and Spock. And I know Leonard Nimoy feels the same way. Aww.... ^^


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