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I think I've finally found the right words: I feel like I'm home in Bermuda.

Everything I love about it - the beach, the landscape, the public transportation system, the Easter-egg-colored buildings with their white tiered roofs, the people and their laid-back attitude - it doesn't all completely add up to why I love it so much. Bermuda is more than the sum of its parts.

It's making me feel like I've got a new reason to live. Like it will be a part of the rest of my life, even if I can't live there and can only visit it once in a while.

I'd heard Mark Twain's quote, "You may go to Heaven, I'll stay in Bermuda." It didn't really impact me at first... I mean, yeah, any island paradise would make anybody feel that way. But... by the end of the week, I got it. I really, truly got it. And I suddenly feel a kinship with him that I hadn't before.

Just for perspective, my normal attitude toward the places I've visited (whether it's Florida, Italy, or just Port Aransas, TX) is "That was fun, but I wouldn't want to live there and I'm glad to be home."

I really wasn't expecting to have such a... gush of emotion from this trip. Maybe I'm still just on a vacation-high. But looking at places to stay for the next trip, less than a week after the first? Not normal. For me anyway.

(This was just gonna be another private entry, but eh...what the heck.)
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