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Well... I was going to pull out my HoND DVD again, but it's buried under a huge mess behind the stuck door in my room - aka my closet.

At first I thought this was another Disney-bashing Christian article, but actually it's very refreshing; especially the part near the end about Hunchback. Finally someone else who can see pro-Catholic themes in the movie, rather than anti-Catholic. I wonder if my mom would give it any consideration... (hey, if she changed her mind about Harry Potter, anything's possible! XD)

In other news: I'm gonna get into college soon, whee hee hee! Then maybe I'll get to see if Macs really do get you more dates... ;) (More dates? That's the only way I'd ever GET a date!)
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I was getting tired of being freaked out by Samara's face on my LJ page all the time, so I changed my icon again. To something much nicer to look at. ;)

I had vowed never to use "OMG" again, but I don't know how else to describe this: Troy in 15 Minutes. OMG. That is the most hilarious thing I've read since... uh, maybe the condensed RotK script? XD (Caution: Don't read if swearing bothers you.)

And I haven't even seen Troy yet. XP I'm afraid the movie's ruined for me now... I'll be giggling the whole way through. (But I'll try not to do it out loud, I promise. Don't throw popcorn at me!)
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From [ profile] kate_andy:

Self-Portrait Avatars. Teh awesome!!1 XD The rest of the site's in Spanish, but at least the program is in English.

Aquí soy yo. )


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