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I didn't make it into the Philharmonic. Angela got in, and I'll bet anything that Rebecca and Stephanie made it. I'll probably be the only 18-year-old in Symphony next year and most of my friends will have moved up.

But I'd rather do something to take my mind off that, so.... I know everyone already did this a long time ago, but what the heck:


from [ profile] apster (somewhere back in March)
Take a look at my interests. Then comment here with one of my interests that you don't understand or know about, and I'll tell you all about it (or attempt to). ^^


Well, I'm a little better, but I still feel like I'll suddenly start crying unexpectedly. I need to go watch PotC or Finding Nemo...
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I am now semi-obsessed with The Ring, so new Samara icon. Spooky. (Why did I have the urge to comb my hair over my face today?)

I emailed our choirmaster today to tell him I was going to drop out, but then he wrote back practically begging me to stay. Now I'm not sure what to do... I asked him if I could stay in without having to do the voice coaching rehearsals with the other sopranos, and now I'm waiting to see what he'll say.

I just don't like to sing unless it's with a group. And I absolutely do NOT want to sing by myself. Ever... even if it was a private voice lesson. I never even sing while I'm completely alone. I just don't like to hear my voice. The practice yesterday was torture for me, even though it was with my close friends. >.<

I won't be happy if I quit, and I won't be happy if I stay (unless I can get away without the voice coaching). Why does this have to be so hard?


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