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I had some spiked eggnog in celebration of the end of finals (since it's also the first year I'm "legal" to do so). But honestly, the scotch just ruined it for me.

Sigh. I try and I try to enjoy various forms of alcohol. And I just... can't. :P And I don't like the way it makes me feel. As usual, I'm the opposite of the typical college student.
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Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my school?

...Guess not, since I've barely posted in months...

Anyway, I just got Macromedia Studio 8 from them for my Multimedia Production class next semester. Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, etc. Almost $1200 worth of software, and I got it for $183. Legally!

Yep, spring semester is gonna be awesome. (Now that my finals are mostly over, it's easier for me to say that I love my school.)
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Okay, I need to quit with these needless half-nighters, or I'm going to be pulling the dreaded all-nighters once I start getting real projects to work on.

Am hoping she won't take off too many points for it being only 3 1/2 pages instead of 5. If she does, well, it's my own stupid fault. At least my grammar/spelling and class track record are working in my favor.

My piano performance is over, my paper's done, so I'm pretty much home free. Only 5 class days left...

*collapses on bed*
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You know you seriously need to get your own checks when you transfer money to your parents' account and then have your dad write the check for you to pay your income taxes.

So, I'm an official Taxpayer for the first time now. I grumbled about it at first because everybody else was getting refunds, but I'm not complaining anymore because... oh yeah... I still live with my parents.

At work, prices for dry cleaning were just raised from $3.75 apiece to $4.25, which will mean more irate customers to deal with. Oh joy.

I need to get a move on looking for a music-related entry-level job to get some experience before I graduate. I can't believe I'm nearly halfway through my 4 years (or 3 1/2, if all goes well).
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I think I've figured out all the classes I will be taking for the next 3 or so years. I finally got them to match up perfectly with my both own interests and the required hours for graduation. Now all I have to do is see my advisor and watch him rip apart that meticulously created plan.

But in the event that he doesn't, I'll just have one thing left to decide on. Which of these languages should I take for a semester: Italian, German, or Japanese?
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Matrices are evil.


Aug. 1st, 2005 12:06 am
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I just saw that I can take my Spanish class via the Internet! This will be SO helpful. Last semester it was pretty much a waste of time to go into class. And now I won't have to rush to work right afterward.

Have I mentioned lately how I love my Mac? I plugged in the new digital camera and it immediately opened up iPhoto and displayed the pictures. No software installation, nothing... it just WORKS!

...I need more "happy" icons.
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Oh yeah, I just got into UTSA. So that means... I'm gradjeeated! w0o0o0ttt!!!11!! (x infinity)


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