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No review from me on the new Star Trek... just know that I LOVE IT.

Though, I do feel like writing about one part that took everyone by surprise (except me... unfortunately I sneaked a look at the IMDb boards before I saw the movie).

Thoughts on the new Star Trek pairing, its connection to TOS, and why it fills me with glee )
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I only caught the very end of the Oscars... after what Ciro said earlier, I think I'll go watch the mayhem on OscarWatch....

I have no idea who else won. Better go check that out too.

But I have to finish this listening journal for tomorrow! Gah.

EDIT: Hooray, Wallace & Gromit won! I was really expecting it to be Corpse Bride, and it's not that I don't think CB deserved it, but I have such a soft spot for W&G and Nick Park.

EDIT 2: Hah, "Service Temporarily Unavailable" on OscarWatch. It really did implode!
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I've been working on watching all the famous classic movies I've never seen before. Today: Psycho.

I think I'm going to have trouble getting to sleep tonight. Not many movies have affected me that much.
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Yesterday I was dragged (willingly) to see Corpse Bride with a friend. I may not care much for Tim Burton's weird creepiness... or creepy weirdness... but it was a really sweet movie. It reminded me a lot of HoND, especially that song "Tears to Shed" with the caterpillar and the black widow...

But guess what little glitch bothered me the most? When Victor started to play the piano, the notes didn't match up to the keys he was hitting - he was playing an A minor arpeggio, but the sound that came out was major!

My geekiness knows no bounds. XD I'm afraid my piano/music training has spoiled every movie for me that has a piano playing...
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Well, after seeing The Village, I think at last I've found an actress I can really like.

And now I'm DEAD TIRED and have a headache after my concert tonight. That Tchaikovsky symphony was the longest work we've ever played. But we got the most applause/cheers that we've ever gotten, I think...which makes everything worth it.
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Almost made me feel sorry for Colin Farrell... but then I regained my senses.
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Well... I was going to pull out my HoND DVD again, but it's buried under a huge mess behind the stuck door in my room - aka my closet.

At first I thought this was another Disney-bashing Christian article, but actually it's very refreshing; especially the part near the end about Hunchback. Finally someone else who can see pro-Catholic themes in the movie, rather than anti-Catholic. I wonder if my mom would give it any consideration... (hey, if she changed her mind about Harry Potter, anything's possible! XD)

In other news: I'm gonna get into college soon, whee hee hee! Then maybe I'll get to see if Macs really do get you more dates... ;) (More dates? That's the only way I'd ever GET a date!)
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The Incredibles.

How? How does Pixar do it? (I refuse to make the blatantly obvious, already-overused pun to describe it.)

I know this is a stupid thing, but I really want this movie to make more money than Shrek or Shark Tale. It probably won't happen (though you never know...the line for TI was long, and we got there half an hour early!). I hate the fact that most people don't distinguish between Pixar and Dreamworks movies... if it's computer-animated, they flock to it. While Shrek is very good, Pixar movies are just genius. (Stating the obvious.) And they don't have to rely on hip pop-culture references and pop music in the soundtrack that will date the movies in ten years.

Well, I ordered the laptop today...and my parents said they would pay for half. Yay. :D
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Well, here I was, minding my own business, casually coming to LJ to check on a community I'm a member of... and bam. Got sucked right back in. XD

I'm absolutely, utterly insane. (And the sky is blue.) The proof? I'm going to rent The Addams Family so I can see Tony Azito. (Anybody who knows who he is without looking him up on IMDb gets a brownie. Or ten.) Freakin' Tony Azito! I've seen only TWO of his roles (one was barely a cameo!) and I already adore him because he was such a brilliant actor.

You see? As I get older, my thought processes get stranger.

*sigh* Still trying to distract myself from posts on someone else's journal comments with "stories" about Orlando Bloom's behavior that I find impossible to believe are true because they go against everything I've ever heard people say about him (and believe me, I've read a hella lot)...

I like this new layout, but I need to change the colors. Ah, it's too late now... I've already used up my extra hour from The End of Daylight Saving. (Oh yes, and if you haven't noticed, I've unlocked most of my journal, because there was no reason to have those entries locked in the first place.)
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If there's one thing I learned, it's this: Reading the parody script(s) before seeing the movie is a BAD, BAD idea. Very distracting especially during many of the serious parts. XP

My long-winded take on the movie. )

Aaagh, I hate being sick. I must have a sinus infection or something... I'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.
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I was getting tired of being freaked out by Samara's face on my LJ page all the time, so I changed my icon again. To something much nicer to look at. ;)

I had vowed never to use "OMG" again, but I don't know how else to describe this: Troy in 15 Minutes. OMG. That is the most hilarious thing I've read since... uh, maybe the condensed RotK script? XD (Caution: Don't read if swearing bothers you.)

And I haven't even seen Troy yet. XP I'm afraid the movie's ruined for me now... I'll be giggling the whole way through. (But I'll try not to do it out loud, I promise. Don't throw popcorn at me!)
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I am now semi-obsessed with The Ring, so new Samara icon. Spooky. (Why did I have the urge to comb my hair over my face today?)

I emailed our choirmaster today to tell him I was going to drop out, but then he wrote back practically begging me to stay. Now I'm not sure what to do... I asked him if I could stay in without having to do the voice coaching rehearsals with the other sopranos, and now I'm waiting to see what he'll say.

I just don't like to sing unless it's with a group. And I absolutely do NOT want to sing by myself. Ever... even if it was a private voice lesson. I never even sing while I'm completely alone. I just don't like to hear my voice. The practice yesterday was torture for me, even though it was with my close friends. >.<

I won't be happy if I quit, and I won't be happy if I stay (unless I can get away without the voice coaching). Why does this have to be so hard?
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Note to self: Staying up till 3:30 on the Internet when I have to get up early for viola lesson - BAD, bad idea. LJ communities are just TOO addictive... XP

Actually, this is just the record for staying up late at all-time record was on the Italy trip. I got no sleep on the 8-hour overseas flight, and when we got to Rome it was already 8am over there. Of course we had to start our touring as soon as we got there. (Gets rid of the jet lag, they said. Right.) Needless to say, I was braindead the whole time until I was finally able to sleep in a bed that night.

From [ profile] apster, [ profile] _summer:

Another movie survey )


Jan. 30th, 2004 09:30 pm
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We just went to Blockbuster, and my 13-year-old sister just HAD to rent a Hilary Duff movie (Lizzie McGuire) today. Stupid spoiled blonde teenybopper. (Hilary, that is. My sister's not blonde. XD) I was going to try to block out the movie sound by watching Castle in the Sky on my laptop, but instead decided to turn on the "Amy Grant - The Collection" CD Nicole let me borrow. It's really good so far... I'm loving practically all the songs, which doesn't usually happen. ;)

I just picked out a new (& better, IMO) layout, as you can see. Also made a new icon, but I need to redo it because I want it to have a border. XP
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Just because everyone else is doing it and I'm bored...

Movie Survey )

Guess I just need to get off my butt (or rather ON my butt) and watch more of the classic movies I've never seen before instead of re-watching LotR and the DVD extras all the time.

But I did see Last of the Mohicans yesterday because I kept hearing about it and my aunt's boyfriend (the movie buff) recommended it, but it's not on this list. :P I liked Daniel Day-Lewis, though... finally got to see one of Orlando's role models at work. :) And it's freaky how much the American Indians remind me of Elves... o.O

EDIT 29 July 2010: Hm, guess I haven't done as well as I thought since I wrote this. Well, at the rate I'm going, at least I'll probably never run out of movies to watch. (new ones marked with "-")


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