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I think I've figured out all the classes I will be taking for the next 3 or so years. I finally got them to match up perfectly with my both own interests and the required hours for graduation. Now all I have to do is see my advisor and watch him rip apart that meticulously created plan.

But in the event that he doesn't, I'll just have one thing left to decide on. Which of these languages should I take for a semester: Italian, German, or Japanese?
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I only caught the very end of the Oscars... after what Ciro said earlier, I think I'll go watch the mayhem on OscarWatch....

I have no idea who else won. Better go check that out too.

But I have to finish this listening journal for tomorrow! Gah.

EDIT: Hooray, Wallace & Gromit won! I was really expecting it to be Corpse Bride, and it's not that I don't think CB deserved it, but I have such a soft spot for W&G and Nick Park.

EDIT 2: Hah, "Service Temporarily Unavailable" on OscarWatch. It really did implode!
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When I get my B.A. in Music I totally need to work for this label.

(oh boy, more evidence that your iPod reads your mind.... it just now shuffled to THIS SONG...)
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Hey! My favorite time-waster is now available for Mac and nobody told me?! Looks like my one and only reason to voluntarily use Windows is now gone. I'm finally completely free!

Now how am I supposed to get any work done?
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It's January 1st, and I'm walking lounging around in my summer attire.

Texas, even for you, this is absolutely ridiculous.
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Matrices are evil.
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So today I was getting gas at the station near the school, and I hear these girls on the opposite side, one of them pumping gas and then topping off:

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click...

And then:

"It's spilling all over the place! What do I do?!"


*just puts head down and whimpers*
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Uploaded about a million new icons... only it turned out to be not so many, because I have 42 more spaces to fill. Let's see, now I have an LOL, a WTF, and an OMG... need to think of more emotions. And I think I have enough Awesome Scenery icons now. *points to current one*

Got to show off my mad iPod-recording skillz today at performance class. (Our piano teacher is out for a few more weeks with her new baby, so she got me to record our classes and send them to her.)

And I finally made it to the new Apple store. I might've stayed in there all day if it weren't for my impatient little sister. (J/k, kiddo, if you're reading this.)

I must get out of this habit of going to bed after 1 or 2... at least on school nights...
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I've been working on watching all the famous classic movies I've never seen before. Today: Psycho.

I think I'm going to have trouble getting to sleep tonight. Not many movies have affected me that much.
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Yesterday I was dragged (willingly) to see Corpse Bride with a friend. I may not care much for Tim Burton's weird creepiness... or creepy weirdness... but it was a really sweet movie. It reminded me a lot of HoND, especially that song "Tears to Shed" with the caterpillar and the black widow...

But guess what little glitch bothered me the most? When Victor started to play the piano, the notes didn't match up to the keys he was hitting - he was playing an A minor arpeggio, but the sound that came out was major!

My geekiness knows no bounds. XD I'm afraid my piano/music training has spoiled every movie for me that has a piano playing...
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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.


Now I need to go upload... 66 more icons.


Aug. 1st, 2005 12:06 am
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I just saw that I can take my Spanish class via the Internet! This will be SO helpful. Last semester it was pretty much a waste of time to go into class. And now I won't have to rush to work right afterward.

Have I mentioned lately how I love my Mac? I plugged in the new digital camera and it immediately opened up iPhoto and displayed the pictures. No software installation, nothing... it just WORKS!

...I need more "happy" icons.
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Well, I just made my first mood theme - Eroica, of course. ;) It's not quite finished (lots of repeating images) but it's a start. (Yes, it is mostly Klaus-centric, just because most of the images I had saved were of him.)
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I guess I hit a milestone in my driving career today: I locked my keys in my car for the first time. And at the worst time, too... I had to call my mom to bring me the other key, and she wasn't supposed to know where I was at the time because it had to do with a surprise for my parents' anniversary. Grrrrr.

A few slightly more coherent HBP reactions. Spoilers (duh) )
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*still trembling*

How.....long.....till....Book 7.....

can't stand it..
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I am sitting here with my laptop at my desk for the first time in ages.

Yes, I did it... I CLEANED MY ROOM.

And I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week. I go in for the consultation tomorrow, where they'll probably tell me all the excruciating, disgusting details of what they'll be doing to me so I feel more "comfortable" about the surgery.

I know it's better than the alternative (being awake), but I still don't like the idea of being...knocked unconscious.
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Apparently there's been some vandals roaming our neighborhood. I went to my car on Friday to find that an EGG had been thrown at it. It took at least 4 scrubbings to get it off... but I found that washing the car is kinda fun, especially on these hot evenings, and especially if it's MY own car I'm taking care of. (though it technically belongs to my parents, not me...)

I guess I should be grateful it didn't get spray-painted with some nasty phrase, like what happened to somebody's van on another street.

ETA: It wasn't spray paint on that car after all, thank goodness. That would've been baaaad...
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from [ profile] caithion

If, as you live your life, you find yourself mentally composing LJ entries about it, post this exact same sentence in your Live Journal.
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Finished "Emperor Waltz," the last part of the storyline before the hiatus (excluding "James I: The Coin King"). Cut to spare friends pages from the horizontal scrollbar:

Sorry for the Klaus-like yelling, but I have to let this out. )
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I'm working every freakin' day this week. How did that happen?!

I opened my big mouth and told them my Tuesdays and Thursdays are free now that school's out, that's how. Ah well, at least they're not all 6-8 hour days...and the extra money will be nice.

I just wish I had a job I enjoyed more, even though I really shouldn't complain about the 2 I have, considering the alternatives. (Fast food...ack.) I just don't like working sales/customer service, and retail isn't for me. I'd rather have that library job.


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